Surfaces, “supersalone” preview



The rediscovery of 1960s decoration, coverings, wallpaper, classic materials and new innovative solutions from the surfacing world

Francesco De Maio, Blu Ponti Collection in Majolica Grès (Pav 04, Stand F 02)

The decorations designed by Gio Ponti the 1960s for the Parco dei Principi Hotel in Sorrento are now being produced on the new technical support of Majolica Grès, used for both interiors and exteriors, and Majolica Grès anti-slip R10, especially suitable for swimming pools.


Francesco De Maio, Blu Ponti Collection in Majolica Grès


De Castelli, Copycat (Pav 04, Stand B 01)

Butt-jointed mosaic comprising hexagonal tiles of varying thicknesses, designed by Cino Zucchi. The brass, copper and stainless-steel tiles are preassembled on a fibreglass mesh to form a panel for installation on walls or floors.  


De Castelli, Copycat

Laurameroni, Bamboo Collection (Pav 04, Stand M 06)

Boiserie, a project curated by Diego Maria Piovesan, presents a series of lacquered or wood veneered panels with 3, 5 or 9 channels (or without channels) on the outer side. Available in a range of colours or veneered in wide choice of woods.


Laurameroni, Bamboo Collection

Londonart, Second Life (Pav 02, Stand N 18)

The wallpaper designed by Simone Bonanni is part of the Exclusive Wallpaper 21 collection: it is a printed decoration for interior coverings with a three-dimensional pattern that seems to create an opening into an imaginary world.


Londonart, Second Life


Wall&decò, WET System 2021 collection (Pav 04, Stand J 08)

WET System is a patented wall covering created especially for damp environments and is totally waterproof. The many decorative options include Enrico Beccari’s Kiss the Sky and Eva Germani’s Nubes


Wall&decò, WET System 2021 collection

16 September 2021