The radiators presented on this page are the solution for those looking for a high performance product without sacrificing aesthetics. Efficiency and character are the hallmarks of these radiators, created to make you fall in love at first glance. Available for every room of the house, from the bathroom radiator to the living room radiator, they are also available with wall, floor or suspended installation. Let's go into detail to discover the whole range of modern radiators available. 


Contemporary designers are amazing by their lively and ingenious solutions. In fact, new radiators are groundbreaking in the way they find space in incredible new forms, sinuous lines and minimalist designs. In their highest creativity, they become veritable artworks endowing the domestic landscape with dynamism and personality. 

Bathroom radiator and living room radiator

Radiators are installed in the various rooms of the home, but in two rooms they deserve special attention: the bathroom and the living room.

Today’s bathroom radiator also fulfils the most demanding requirements in terms of beauty, well-being and practicality. Versatile and original, many products offer multiple compositional solutions.

The living room radiator blends craftsmanship and technical and productive know-how to occupy a place gracefully in any setting. It can also occupy the wall space like a veritable painting, becoming an elegant furnishing.

Modern radiators

In modern radiators, efficient heating is just one of the many features available. Many incorporate a touch control enabling them to be switched on and off and the temperature adjusted in a practical and precise way. Remote control also means it is possible to set their operation from outside the home. The latest generation radiators further offer significant advantages in energy efficiency. Many of them use advanced technologies to heat rooms rapidly and evenly, so reducing heating costs and increasing the sustainability of the building.

Electric towel warmer for the bathroom 

Bathroom towel warmers are a smart solution for heating towels, bathrobes and clothing uniformly and constantly. These models are available in different sizes and designs, perfectly adapted to the style and size of the bathroom, mounted on wall or floor as preferred. Quality and advanced technology come together to create multifunctional products: the traditional electric towel warmer becomes at the same time a drying rack for linen, ideal for small spaces. Many also come equipped with an automatic shutdown system, which is activated when the temperature reaches a certain level.

Designer radiators

Designer radiators not only ensure maximum thermal comfort and a high level of performance even after many years, but add a touch of elegance to a room. While the radiator used to be only a functional element, today designer radiators are a creative component of the furnishings of any room. Steel radiators are among the most common, but we also frequently find cast iron and aluminum radiators and some incorporate the most unusual materials such as wood or stone. White, black and gray remain among the favorite colors, but there are also bolder hues that create new and unexpected color schemes.

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