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Stilo is the new project that Scavolini will unveil at EuroCucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition. 

Designed by Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, this furniture system is a testament to the changing nature of social interaction and domestic life. Its sophisticated design creates a seamless flow between different areas of the home, fostering a sense of connection and community.

Spalvieri & Del Ciotto have designed Stilo, Scavolini’s latest novelty which reflects the changes in social interaction, embracing sophisticated aesthetics and full functionality.

Designed by
Spalvieri & Del Ciotto
“Today, designing a kitchen means taking into account complex issues which go beyond finding the perfect place to cook, embracing concepts such as the changes in social interaction, the way people experience their home and greet guests and, more recently, the way they work.”

Spalvieri & Del Ciotto

The project concept reinterprets the kitchen as a space that fosters sociability and interaction between people, stories and relationships, lending it a strong architectural and textured presence, combined with ultimate functionality. By mixing and matching various items of furniture, the home is transformed into a more dynamic space, where meals are prepared, people socialise and even get work done. 

The project design stands out for its understated geometric silhouettes which lend each configuration superior formal value and harmonious volumes, thereby creating the perfect blend of aesthetics and organisation.

By bringing together visual suggestions, functional architecture and versatility, Scavolini continues to redefine the concept of the contemporary home, expanding the design possibilities in order to adapt to various stylistic tendencies.

The sophisticated details are expressed in the pure and rigorous shape of the cylinder which constitutes the model’s distinguishing feature: an element repeated horizontally and vertically in the design, giving rise to handles, shelves, desks, light bars and equipped bars to organise kitchen utensils. The choice between two colours, black and titanium, makes it possible to set up various configurations: black conveys a magnetic and sophisticated allure; titanium on the other hand gives the whole ensemble a more gentle and natural touch, adding a more radiant note to the setting.


Focus on the impressive island with its sculptural elegance, with Orissa Fenix® doors to match the handle, recessed grip profile and plinth in Black finish; Breccia Medicea Stoneware top with integrated washing and cooking area, complete with hob, hood and oven. This combination lends the composition a bold and contemporary look. 

In the background: from left, system of highly functional tall units with Dark Oak doors and external handle fitted vertically. Right, wall-mounted base unit with Dark Oak decorative melamine doors and Breccia Medicea Stoneware top on which a scenic wall has been set up, with an alternation of shelves in Orissa Fenix® finish and black metal trays on supports, to match the design of the handle, in Orissa and Black finish.


A pair of Beach laminate tops with sit-on Ocritech washbasins, accessory holder bar in matt Black finish and Stilo mirrors with light. A scenic wall stretches on the left with shelves and trays in matt Black finish alternating with Dove Grey matt lacquered shelves. The composition is completed with a free-standing bathtub and the system of highly functional tall units with Arabica Walnut decorative melamine doors and external handle fitted vertically.

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