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Libra - Vuesse Design

If elegance is reflected in the details, in the extensive search for functionality and in the harmony of the silhouettes, the new Libra collection by Scavolini – design by Vuesse – is the perfect embodiment of this

The culmination of important work that has led to the introduction of unique finishes and modularity capable of enhancing compositional freedom, Libra is the new complete and versatile furnishing solution, designed to incorporate the same stylistic language in all areas of the home: from the kitchen to the living room and even in the bathroom.

The Libra collection features a high level of aesthetics bestowed by the design of the 22 mm plain squared door and by the exclusive, unique finishes available in three pearl-effect colours: a combination that can define every solution with a sophisticated and contemporary allure.

A special feature of the model is also the framed glass door, which is available in smooth and slat version (vertical and horizontal) in plain and 3 pearlescent colours. Thus, different combinations can be created, stimulating evocative tactile and visual sensations. For a tone on tone effect, recessed grip profiles and plinths are matched with the doors.

Attention to detail is also reflected in the recessed profile grip which, as well as being a functional element, increases the lightness of the silhouettes and guarantees a full view of the fronts, thereby ensuring that the finishes stand out perfectly.

Another key element of Libra is the new modularity (75 cm) of base units and wall units, which provides an appealing alternative to the standard 60 cm width and is perfect for fitting in the latest generation of built-in appliances.

With the aim of lending a sophisticated and stylish effect to every configuration, a truly unexpected twist is ensured by the introduction of perforated sheet metal elements (Round and Linear with exclusive Scavolini design) for wall units and resting or hanging sliding elements. The interior lighting and the “now you see me now you don’t” effect of the texture adds style and personality to the compositions.


Composizione con isola, ante laccate opache effetto perlato Cuvée, laccate dogate lucide effetto perlato Cuvée, laccate opache Tortora e ante telaio Alluminio finitura Acciaio Scuro con vetro Stopsol Chiaro.


Composizione con isola, ante laccate lucide effetto perlato Perlage, impiallacciate dogate Rovere Pepper e ante telaio Alluminio finitura Acciaio Scuro con vetro Stopsol Chiaro.


Composizione lineare con ante vetro opache e vetro dogate Perlage con supporto in alluminio finitura Argento; ante telaio Alluminio finitura Acciaio Scuro con rete metallica Round.


Composizione lineare con ante laminato Urban Bronze e decorativo Oriental Light. Sistema Parete “Fluida” con struttura decorativo Grigio Gabbiano e ante decorativo Oriental Light.


Composizione a golfo con ante laccate opache Bianco Prestige, laccate dogate opache Grigio Airone e decorativo Oriental.


Basi sospese con ante piane e dogate laccato opaco Rosso Marocco, elementi a giorno in metallo Bianco. Piano laccato opaco Bianco Prestige.


Basi sospese e piano laccato lucido effetto Perlato colore Perlage, pensili telaio Alluminio finitura Acciaio Scuro con rete metallica Linear.


Sistema Parete “Fluida” con struttura Grigio Gabbiano, ante scorrevoli e basi decorativo Oriental Light. Piano laminato Grigio Gabbiano.

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