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Category: Cabinets and containers

AD-HOC - modular solutions for cabinet interiors.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Modular solutions for the interiors of wardrobes which conjugate practicality and comfort with the most attractive and elegant design.

Endless options for the interior of your wardrobes. Even with light.

When you open your cupboard door you want to find everything put away carefully in its appointed place. Just as a shoe is not the same as a suit, a pair of trousers has nothing at all to do with a sweater or a pair of socks so their spaces will be different.


With AD-HOC everything has its place. Tidiness, beauty, the best design and naturally the greatest care for everything contained. This modular system for wardrobe interiors is the perfect complement for our ABITO line.


Infinite possibilities with wood or glass shelves, bordered with metal borders giving the possibility to incorporate lightweight drawers, large, small or narrow, solutions for trousers and shoes. Whatever you desire is possible.


High quality details and finishes.


Shelves with lights to valorise your precious objects.


Every article has its own space.

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