Mattresses  play a vital part in ensuring high-quality, deep, regenerating sleep. Choosing the best mattress for your needs means investing in long-term health and well-being. This page illustrates all the models, from double mattresses to single mattresses and large single mattresses 

Double mattresses

High-quality double mattresses offer a key feature: perfect independence of the support areas to promote uninterrupted sleep. This means that each side  of the mattress is designed to individually adapt to the needs and movements of the sleeper without transmitting any disturbance to the nearby areas. To ensure maximum durability and stability over time, they can be fitted with a reinforced frame that helps ensure they are completely non-deformable and durable for many years. The comfort of  the mattress is also distributed evenly from edge to edge, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing rest experience over the entire surface.

Single mattresses

Single mattresses are the ideal choice for different situations, offering optimal hospitality and rest in sizes adapted to a single person. They are particularly suitable for children and teenagers and perfect for smaller spaces, such as student rooms or guest rooms. With a wide range of materials and firmness levels to choose from, it’s easy to find the single mattress that best suits your individual preferences. Firmer mattresses offer sturdy support for those who prefer a firmer surface, while softer mattresses provide a relaxing feeling of softness. Many single mattresses come equipped with a removable cover that makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the bed stays fresh and hygienic over the years.

Large single

The large single mattress represents the perfect compromise between space and comfort needs. With a width of about 120-140 centimeters, it offers an intermediate size between a single bed and a double bed perfectly suited to those who want more space, but do not need a double bed. Even this product often has two different sides: a winter side and a summer side. The winter side is designed to provide high insulating capacity, maintaining warmth during cold weather, while the summer side is cool and light, ideal for hot summer days. 

Mattresses: the commonest types 

Large single mattresses, like double or single mattresses, come in a variety of materials and types: you can find models with memory foam, latex mattresses  or pocket springs.

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress offers a personalized sleep experience and optimal support for back and spine, reducing the risk of muscle tension and pain. Thanks to its ability to adapt to the body, the memory mattress distributes weight evenly along the surface, relieving pressure on critical points such as shoulders, hips and back. Ideal for both children and adults. 

Latex mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are an excellent choice for those looking for comfort, elasticity and coolness during sleep. Natural latex ensures excellent elasticity to adapt harmoniously to the body and outstanding absorption of movements. It also makes for exceptional air circulation, promoting perspiration and keeping the bed cool and dry at night. Latex mattresses are generally characterized by the right level of firmness, providing the necessary support for correct posture during the nighttime.

Pocket spring mattress

As the name implies, the pocket spring mattress features a variable number of individual springs enclosed in a protective fabric, which act independently of each other to provide targeted support. Pocket spring mattresses are notable for their excellent breathability due to the porous structure of the springs and the presence of ventilation channels. 

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