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A LOT OF Brasil

A LOT OF Brasil is a Brazilian industry founded in 2012 by designer Pedro Franco, its values are based on the concept of Glocalidade (global+local). It features pieces signed by the biggest names in national and international design, as well as high production technology. It was the first Latin American brand to be invited (2013) to exhibit at ISaloni in Milan. For the seventh consecutive year it is among the largest international brands within the trendy pavilion 20.

Parts produced in alternative raw materials, such as injected Brazilian fruit seeds that configure the largest number of items exported from the brand.

The furniture collections are based on Brazilian microregions such as Cariri (2017), Tocantins (2018) and Fernando de Noronha (2019). Under the curatorship of the keen eye of director Pedro Franco to A Lot Of Brazil, it resonates in the great national and international media.

The Manifesto

Industrial x Artisanal

Manual plots are opposed to the Matrix's large network.
High technology does not replace, but gives hands to craftsmanship.
Design becomes a platform that drives the work of artisans and moves the industry.
Products enhance affective memory values by enhancing social archetypes.

(by Pedro Franco)

Bahia Collecion

The concept of the new collection of designer Pedro Franco is born from the desire to create a counterpoint to the great network of matrix and artificial intelligence.
For this, it uses as a basis the hand-made plots characterized by Brazilian LACE.
As the constant guide line of his work, the concept of "Glo-cality" is present.

THE RENDAS arrived in Brazil through the Portuguese royal family in the 18th century.  More than a national identity, it gained a temper with regional characteristics. 
Today it is possible to determine the origin of an income from the type of plot of its nature.

In the current collection the Armchair Underconstruction, it becomes a platform for amplification of the work of bahian artisan Ana Caires. His embroidery technique Cruz Stitch is applied in the various strips that make up the armchair.

Experimentalism is present in the new technology developed, that of eternization.
Rents mined by Franco and from several Brazilian regions are eternized in copper bath.
An eternization of local iconography.

Finally, demonstrating a possible and necessary coexistence, the Renaissance Paradeshows the various beauties of the feat with high technology x handmade. If in one version the design of Pedro Franco's authorial income is faithfully translated by the use of high cnc laser cutting technology, in another version gains the improvisation and co-creation of the artisan Fafá (coming from Registro in the interior of SP) with strong personality. A healthy tension showing the beauty and the possibility of a harmonious coexistence between the technological and the manual.

The design as a platform of local, manual and industrial values.

(by Pedro Franco)

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