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Kintsugi Collection

A LOT OF Brasil is a Brazilian industry founded in 2012 by designer Pedro Franco, its values are based on the concept of Glocalidade (global+local).

Brazilian brand that has as brand identity “industrial experimentalism” will present in 2022 a new collection signed by the Brazilian designer Pedro Franco.

Named Kintsugi, the collection is inspired by the Eastern technique of the same name inscribed in the Wabi Sabi philosophy.

Kin (gold) Tsugi (junction) is the literaltranslation of the thought. In this technique it takes weeks to be done and later fixed with gold threads.

The Wabi Sabi philosophy emphasizes the beauty of letting go the perfection. It values the irreversible characterof time and the ephemeralaspect of all things.

Ode to beauty of Imperfection.

The philosophical theme was exploredby the designer since the conception of the stand until the creation of the new products: chairs, sideboards, rugs, tables were conceived based on the theme.

In this way, the designersearch to create pieces that go beyond fulfilling the function of use and in which each product must have a “reason”to exist.

According to Franco, the designer can (and should) be a social activist, creating productsthat are like a platform of values leadingthe consumer to have a critical reflection.

A design product as a critical platform is the new way to be sustainable, leading to the disruption with the behavior of the disposable consumption.

A clear relationship with Kintsugi philosophy, in which pieces, instead of being discarded, are (re)signified from the junctionof their parts. Valuing theirstories, their scars and from them creatinga new future.

The collection is named “Perfect Imperfection"

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