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Our vision _ Impatia Luxury Bespoke game tables

At IMPATIA, we create luxury bespoke game tables that reinvent the classics.

Driven by a tale of excellence, IMPATIA brings together Italian design, art, and craftsmanship to transform the way we see the world of play and how we incorporate game tables into our everyday lives

Billiards gold pool table

Billiards Collection, Filotto Gold Edition

Crystal ping pong table

Ping Pong Collection, Lungolinea Classic

8 players Poker table marble and smoker glass

Poker Table Collection, Unootto Black Marble

Multi game table impatia backgammon leather table

Multi-game Collection, Tuttuno Leather Edition

impatia - Derby Wood

Table Football Collection, Derby Wood

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Our Vision

Each creation is driven by the core value of empathy. The human-to-human approach creates a journey of exploration, highlighted by technical development, high-quality materials, and incomparable aesthetic refinement. Our luxury game table collection is full of interpretation from the first glance, becoming a representation of a lifestyle and an instantly recognizable identity that pushes to reinvent the classics.

Filotto Billiards_Luxury 8ft Pool table

Filotto Pool table in Bangkok, Thailand

Laguna Beach Filotto Billiards_ 8ft Pool table

Filotto Classic, Laguna Beach, California

Miami Filotto Billiards 8ft Pool table

Filotto Classic, Miami, Florida

New York City _ Lungolinea ping pong table

Lungolinea Classic, New York City, NY

Impatia - Derby Wood

Derby Wood

IMPATIA - Filotto Classic

FIlotto Classic, Shanghai, China

IMPATIA - Lungolinea Classic

Lungolinea Classic, Chicago, USA

IMPATIA - Unootto Marble

Unootto Marble, California, Los Angeles

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Tailor Made in Italy

Whether it is in the design, the craftsmanship, or the materials used, we always draw upon the highest quality of Italian traditions and innovations. We work with a range of talented artisans from across the country to bring to light bespoke game tables made entirely in Italy.