Tuttuno Collection

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A versatile luxury multi-game table with a modern design and transparent aesthetic.

Tuttuno is a minimalistic game table that gives off the unique impression that it is floating due to design precision and materiality.  Made for 2-4 players, this elegant design piece is available in a range of games.

IMPATIA - Tuttuno Classic
Descrizione del prodotto
Tuttuno is a modern multi-game design table that features an elegant glass structure, complemented by a leather top frame, and a smooth Alcanatara playing surface, which can be customized with 3 different playing surfaces.

This piece is available with the following gaming graphics on the surface: Mahjong, Backgammon or Checkers. Other customizations for the top include 10 leather and Alcantara colors.
IMPATIA - Tuttuno Classic
Product name

Tuttuno Collection




Steel, Alcantara, Crystal, Leather, Glass



156 x 156 x 76 (h) cm
61 x 61 x 30 (h) “
Processo produttivo
Made to order in Italy
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Tuttuno LeatherSalone del mobile


Tuttuno CollectionSalone del mobile

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Tuttuno Leather - Mahjong
IMPATIA - TUTTUNO leather Mahjong

Complete table in low-iron glass complemented with an Alcantara and leather top

IMPATIA - TUTTUNO leather Mahjong

Removable leather armrests in the color Navy

IMPATIA - Leather Mahjong

Custom designed Mahjong game set

IMPATIA - TUTTUNO Leather Mahjong

Mahjong game set with chrome tiles

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Tuttuno Leather - Backgammon
IMPATIA - TUTTUNO leather Backgammon

Complete table in low-iron glass with a customized backgammon playing surface.

IMPATIA - TUTTUNO leather Backgammon

Alcantara playing field complemented with a handcrafted leather trim.

IMPATIA - TUTTUNO leather Backgammon

Bespoke leather Backgammon game set with chrome checkers

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Tuttuno Leather - Checkers
IMPATIA - TUTTUNO Leather Checkers

Complete table in Low-iron glass matched with chrome finished metal components.

IMPATIA - TUTTUNO Leather Checkers

Alcantara playing surface for the game checkers with sophisticated leather detailing.

IMPATIA - TUTTUNO Leather Checkers

A sleek low-iron glass structure with chrome finished metal components.

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