LEDs at Artemide's stand

The new forms of “strip” lighting and their interior design applications: Living Corriere discusses the way in which technology is changing the neon LED scene with a packed gallery of interiors and designer projects

Living Corriere della Sera

“Certainly the neon lights forged in the most varied figurative expressions are extremely popular, not to mention the luminous phrases that spring up in bars, hotels and also in many homes. But even the simple luminous strip light, white or coloured, numbers quite a few fans […] Precisely because of their more decorative rather than functional nature, their applications are many and varied. They can be hung on the wall as a lighting detail, or simply placed behind a piece of furniture or in a corner for a pop of colour even after dusk.” – read here the full article, featuring lighting by Artemide, Objects of Common Interest, HAY, Flos, Baxter, Martinelli Luce, Michael Anastassiades and Axolight.


Magazine: Living Corriere 
Country: Italy 
Date: 22nd September 2022  
Article: Furnishing with neon, using LEDs 
Author: Alessandro Mussolini 
Photo: Artemide’s stand at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, ph. Valentina Casalini 

24 October 2022