From A for Aravena to V for Virgil: a panoply of (great) ideas


photo by Delfino Sisto Legnani

They are the freethinkers of the contemporary age: they inspire and provoke, are never predictable, and are clever enough to leave their mark. Check out our selection

Patricia Urquiola
Todays priorities? Reflecting on circularity, the use of bio-organic material and virtual consumption; on how to plan schedules and behaviours inside hybrid spaces.

Patricia Urquiola

Photo by Massimiliano Sticca

For Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, the purpose of design is to produce reflections and imagine alternative avenues. Materials, with their cultural, social and political reach, constitute their main vocabulary.


photo by Delfino Sisto Legnani

Interview with Nani Marquina, CEO of the eponymous cult rugs brand
Handmade in the best possible fibers, Nanimarquina products have been an example of the beauty and high quality craftmanship can achieve. The interview with brand’s CEO.

Nani Marquina

MEDINA (kilim) designed by Nani Marquina

Muller Van Severen, an atelier of furniture design
To mark their first ten years on the design scene, the Belgian duo’s collaborations and projects are burgeoning in a perfect blend of artistic sensibility and superb design.


“10 Years Muller Van Severen. In Dialogue with the Collection”, Design Museum Gent - Photo Bart Van Leuven

Bjarke Ingels: we create hybrid projects for future generations
The architect helming BIG Group talks about his latest twin-soul projects, such as the Copenhill waste-to-energy plant and ski slope and the museum - bridge in Kistefos Art Park. They represent “new project typologies,” opening the way for those who follow after us in a changing world.

Bjarke Ingels

Alejandro Aravena: “they” are “us”, a lesson from the pandemic
The pandemic showed the Chilean architect that if there are people who don’t manage to follow simple medical advice, then we’ve all got problems. This should make us reflect on the value of the common good, and on keeping to the rules for living together. With knock-on effects on the use of spaces and urban planning. 

Alejandro Aravena

Alejandro Aravena. Ph. Credits Andrea Avezzù. Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia

Sarah Douglas talks about Wallpaper*’s first 25 years
Editor-in-Chief of the British magazine Wallpaper* Sarah Douglas reflects on a quarter of the century of an editorial project borne from an idea of an intuitive founded and shaped by brilliant directors, extraordinary collaborations and supported by a driving audience. We’ve asked what’s next?

Sarah Douglas

Cherine Magrabi: Philanthropy? Responding to a need
The founder and curator of the Beirut-based House of Today non-profit organisation that supports young Lebanese designers, is approaching 10 years of activity, during which she has launched talents such as Khaled El Mays, David/Nicolas, Stéphanie Moussallem, Carlo and Mary-Lynn Massoud

Cherine Magrabi


Daan Roosegaarde: an activist for innovation and technology
“What we do know is that there’s no way back. Unless we invest in new ideas we’ll die.” With this last rallying call, one of the most powerful creative voices to talks to us about his past and, even more, about his future.

Gates of Light

Gates of Light

Raffaella Mangiarotti
Practicality, good looks and ergonomics but also great empathy: these are the fundamental parameters for every one of Raffaella Magiarotti's designs.

Raffaella Mangiarotti

Virgil Abloh
His declared aim has always been to change the future history of creativity. In both fashion and in design. He thus overturned certainties and expectations with his own, very personal approach. His latest interview with Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Virgil Abloh

Photo by Bogdan @Chilldays Plakov

Stars of international design, they respond to a view of the world that encompasses all the different design disciplines, for a new paradigm in the field of architecture.


Photo by Thierry Coulon

Piero Lissoni
His mantras include working with clients who produce and think Italian-style. Famous for his error philosophy, which derives from liberating oneself from the obligatory relationship between form and function (so insufferably German).

Piero Lissoni

© Matthias Ziegler

30 December 2021