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Gira e Rigira

Degustare il vino in modo nuovo

That special swirling movement that is made when wine is poured, gently rotating the glass to analyse its characteristics, is revisited by this new vessel, patented by the proprietor of VdE, Franco Parentini, who designed this unique glass.

A small pin, camouflaged in glass or purposely highlighted in golden metal, placed at the tip of the stem and the base of the bowl, permits a slight caress of the thumb applied to the outside of the glass to make the glass rotate, smoothly swirling the wine inside.

This rotation permits a better evaluation of the visual characteristics, the olfactory notes and the gustatory sensations conveyed by the wine.

It is a simple idea, says Parentini, that springs from the intimacy Italians share with wine and the acts performed in drinking it, which not everyone is familiar with: from smelling its bouquet to swirling it in the glass.  Gira e Rigira lets you decant the wine with an elegant gesture, while sting at the table and conversing. A natural, elegant movement, that at one stroke eliminates the fear of seeming either inadequate or snobbis

Gira e Rigira

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Gira e Rigira

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