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Giotto hanging lamp by Roberto Paoli

Giotto hanging lamp in different diameters

The perfect circle exists and Roberto Paoli made it in polyethylene. Giotto is a luminous hanging ring with LED lighting and available in three diameters. Thanks to its technology, the lamp is a unique diffuser suitable to light up rooms with a comfortable homogeneity. 

A lamp with an essential geometry that can be used individually or in infinite compositions. The combination of several Giotto hanging lamps can light up large areas with a strong personality: the product is perfect to realize contract projects. Giotto is available also as wall lamp version. Giotto is available with three different lighting temperature, so it is perfect for every use: Home Lighting (2700K - Extra Warm White LED Light), Hospitality Lighting (3000K - Warm White LED Light), Workspace Lighting (4000K - Cool White LED Light).

Giotto hanging lamp by Roberto Paoli

Giotto and Globo composition

Giotto hanging lamp by Roberto Paoli
Product Overview
Giotto hanging lamp
Giotto hanging lamp by Roberto Paoli
Product name



Roberto Paoli





diam. 80 cm x 7 cm
diam. 110 cm x 7 cm
diam. 140 cm x 7 cm
Production process
rotational moulding


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Designed by
Roberto Paoli
Giotto hanging lamp by Roberto Paoli

Roberto Paoli is an Italian architect and designer and he is specialized in little design creations.  His careful creative process combines his technical knowledge with a deep performance of materials to innovate and to give substance to products with high formal cleanliness. His studio deals with product design and on interior design and architecture, developing projects for housing, shops and showroom, events and fair stands. In 2013 he founded his own brand "Seminato Mercadante" with which he self-produced strong research items, experimentation and innovation. From 2009 to 2012 won the Chicago Good Design Award for four consecutive times, tand he won the famous award again in 2019, thanks to Gelée Lounge created for SLIDE.