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Sliding Hinge Dishwasher

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Sliding Hinge Dishwasher

The QuadWash rotating arms guarantee an even more thorough washing of the dishes thanks to multidirectional movements in four different directions.

Equipped with PowerSteam technology, the dishwasher uses the natural power of steam, which can be activated on all programs, to achieve thorough cleaning without pre-rinsing,

Steam can be activated on all 10 washing programs, either automatically or with manual setting. Combined with water during the various steps, it guarantees impeccable cleaning and maximum shine of the dishes, whilst keeping the machine sanitised.

The four rotating spray arms create water vortexes able to reach dishes at every point thanks to multidirectional oscillating movements, guaranteeing unparalleled cleaning. Once washing is complete, the door opens automatically, perfecting the drying stage.

Featuring a 10-year LG warranty, the latest generation Direct Drive motor is powerful and extremely noiseless, allowing you to use the dishwasher at any time of day. Furthermore, once washing is complete, the door opens automatically, facilitating the drying process.

With panel ready exteriors according to the kitchen finishes, the dishwasher can also be customised on the interiors, adapting to different load requirements. It is equipped with three baskets: an upper one for cutlery and two central ones for crockery, adjustable to three height levels. The Dual zone function makes it possible to activate two different washing powers (strong and delicate) in the two baskets within the same cycle.

Sliding Hinge Dishwasher

APPLIANCE CLEANING ALERT: every 30 washes, an automatic warning light warns of the need to activate the dishwasher cleaning function to sanitise the machine by eliminating residues, odours and stains. This cycle is to be activated with an empty appliance.

Sliding Hinge Dishwasher
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Equipped with PowerSteam technology and QuadWash rotating arms.
Sliding Hinge Dishwasher
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Sliding Hinge Dishwasher


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