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MAMBA collection consists of six items: two pentagonal modules two linear units and two backrests. All
sides of the base units can accommodate the smaller backres t, which doubles as an armrest, while the larger backrest is designed to fit one side of the pentagon. The all over covers are removable and available in all the fabrics offered by RODA.

Curved layouts welcome and envelop, as if suspended in mid-air: designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, MAMBA is a collection of upholstered sofas characterized by deep comfort and original design.

was designed the opposite way to my usual method. Unlike the products that I usually design it is untidy, irregular...relaxed. It's the perfect sofa for people who inhabit the informality of the outdoors". (Rodolfo Dordoni)

Straddling the indoors and the outdoors, this unusual collection is characterized by a design with a strong personality.


The backrests of MAMBA are slightly angled, going beyond the perpendicular and secured with a sleek system of bayonet brackets.



Different shapes can be fitted together to form classic arrangements or obtain unexpected lengths. With its elegant transversality, MAMBA decors outdoor spaces enhancing the experience and excellence of Italian manufacturing.

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Rodolfo Dordoni's Mamba collection of modular padded sofas stands out for maximum comfort: its multiple versions with sinuous and elegant lines embrace the user like a casual hug.