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Eva & Eve

Designed by Foster + Partners, Eva is a free-standing lamp that meets the need for an indirect light that’s easy to interact with. It can be placed in the middle of a round dining table, for example.

The Eva project also led to the creation of Eve, a free-standing lamp like its big sister but smaller and with a lower luminous power.

The idea was to create a cone of light, a subtle yet alluring flux similar to that of a candle, attractive and also useful.

Eva has a turned aluminium base housing the electronic components, the LED and the optics, and a glass cylinder closed at the top by a conical diffuser.

The light flux is projected by way of a holographic filter, a small primary lens and a large secondary lens onto the upper opaline cone, while the LED source remains hidden.

Eva also has a tactile dimension: thanks to an encoder system (an infrared sensor to detect rotation) the intensity of the light can be precisely controlled by manually operating the ring on its base.

Eva uses an 18W high-performance LED and comes in two finishes: anodized black and anodized brass.

Eve is an indirect light: a high-performance 5W COB LED housed in the base concentrates its light through a PMMA lens onto the conical reflector above it, thus limiting direct glare.

Eve’s body is a glass cylinder that protects the lamp’s optics against dust and scratches and is closed on top by a specially designed reflector. The cylinder and frames are assembled in-house by a robot gluing process.

The transparent cylinder defining Eve’s profile is made of absolutely lead-free borosilicate glass. This kind of glass never loses its transparency or brilliance and is resistant to chemical agents and sudden changes in indoor and outdoor temperature.

Not being porous, it does not harbour bacteria and is easy to clean with neutral detergents.

Lumina produces the base and all the metal parts (aluminium) with CNC (numerical control) lathes for maximum precision.

Finger-tip control of the light is provided by the touch dimmer mechanism on each point of the base ring: the first switches the lamp on, the second reduces the light to minimum and the third switches off.

Designed by
Foster + Partners