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Tia 200

TIA 200 is the latest pendant light designed for Lumina by the famous London firm of architects Foster+Partners. It’s characterized by simple and balanced forms: the inspired harnessing of technology to a minimalist aesthetic makes this lamp a timeless object.


On the outside, the lamp is an exquisite white overlay blown glass hemisphere, slightly oblate, with a special satin-effect finish. The glass (3-ply, 2.5 mm thick) was developed and is produced wholly in Italy.

Concealed within the TIA 200’s simple forms is a triumph of technology. The lamp’s Lumina-designed central optical unit, in turned satin-finish PMMA, was developed to guarantee uniform diffusion of the beam and prevent annoying glare and light/shadow contrasts.

The filter on the bottom of the unit, a photo-engraved brass plate, reduces glare to ensure a pleasant effect not only on the illuminated surfaces but also when looking at the lamp itself.

Expressing Lumina’s insistence on the recyclability of every component, the TIA 200 is completely disassemblable and the body of the lamp (glass shade, recyclable PMMA lens and aluminium structure) is totally recyclable.

Thanks to its modest weight (around 1 kg in all), the TIA 200 can be installed on all kinds of ceiling and drop ceiling, in both residential and contract projects, where it can be used to create fantastic light compositions.

The lamp has a 4.5 W LED with a high colour rendering index (CRI>90) delivering faithful reproduction of colours. Ever sensitive to the needs of the market, Lumina supplies the Tia 200 in two different colour temperatures: 2,700 K and 3,000K.

Another highly important feature of this lamp is its heat sink, developed and produced by Lumina in-house. It keeps the temperature of the LED below 80° C (at 25° C room temperature).

Both the heat sink and the lamp’s central structure are in aluminium turned on latest generation numerical control (CNC) lathes.

Further, a centring system was developed to enable the lamp to be regulated without the use of tools. The TIA 200 is installed and hung by its power cable alone, reinforced with aramid fibre (Kevlar), which is not only very strong but also gives the product a very refined look.

The lamp is fitted with a special filter on its upper part to prevent accumulation of dust, insects and other substances capable of soiling the glass and producing inaesthetic marks on the inside of the shade.

In addition to the Modular line making it possible to exploit all the TIA 200’s potential for fully personalizable solutions, the following pre-configured options are also available:


TIA 200 CLUSTER 3 : with a round rosette (diameter: 17,5 cm), three luminaires and a decentring kit for correct anchorage to the ceiling.

TIA 200 CLUSTER 5 : with a round rosette (diameter: 20 cm), five luminaires and a decentring kit for correct anchorage to the ceiling.

TIA 200 LINEAR 3 : with a linear rosette (length: 150 cm) and three luminaires.

TIA 200 LINEAR 5 : with a linear rosette (length: 200 cm) and five luminaires

Designed by
Foster + Partners