Alone 0167, Tao

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Alone 0167, Tao

Energy, Movement, Endless.

Alone Tao speaks of energy, of the infinite flow of time, of a continuous and eternal movement.

In the Alone model, the central wafer of the lamp is made exclusively from industrial recycled thermoplastic material, carefully regenerated. Depending on the shape and size of the wafer, a tailor-made cut is made inside the support base made of wrought iron. The cut is always studied and made carefully to ensure a perfect fit.

The next step is to identify the distance in which to place the light source. This choice depends on the size of the lamp and the level of light intensity sought. The lighting is strictly LED.

Each lamp has a customised cable, which is chosen from hundreds of different patterns.

The authenticity of the dixpari Alone is attested by a medal included in the thermoplastic pod bearing the number of the lamp and the signature of the architect who designed it. The same number appears on the iron base, stamped in a protected area.

The finishing of the base can be made at the customer's choice by using scraps of leather for a smooth effect or finished in brass for a more classic effect.

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Alone 0167, Tao

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Alone 0167, Tao

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dixpari Alone 0167, Tao

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Alone 0167, Tao




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