Tizio 50 years

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Tizio by Richard Sapper

Photo by Pierpaolo Ferrari, 2022

Artemide celebrates Tizio's 50th anniversary with a special version in Richard Sapper's favorite red. Tizio is not only a masterpiece of Artemide collection but also an icon of Italian design.

"In order to obtain this type of light, it is necessary to keep the reflector close to the paper. A normal reflector with a normal bulb would create a large and annoying volume close to the head. For this reason I decided on a small and light halogen lamp, needing only a small and light reflector. I also wanted a working lamp that could be adjusted with the fingertips and that would not collapse on the desk due to worn-out joints. I had to give up the idea of a sufficient range of action and this too, at least for me, is awkward, since as due to innate untidiness on the table top I have no space for a lamp close to me.

The best solution to these problems seemed a lamp with a system of articulation that was continuously balanced through counterweights: thus the friction of the points of articulation could be reduced to the sole compensation of the tolerance of production, thus complete mobility is guaranteed. To reach this stage, any possible disturbance to the balancing system obviously had to be avoided: this excludes the wires for the transmission of current but, in a low voltage bulb, the arms themselves can be used as conductors."

Richard Sapper, 1972

“I wanted a table lamp that could be adjusted at the touch of a finger and that wouldn’t fall onto the table because of worn joints.“

Richard Sapper
Designed by
Richard Sapper
Richard Sapper Portrait 1982
Tizio ph. Pierpaolo Ferrari
Product description
The Tizio lamp came to be due to a personal need. While I work or read, I like the light to fall only on the sheet of paper in front of me, leaving the rest of the room in dim light. I feel less disturbed and I can focus more in a room that is not lit evenly. To obtain this type of light, the reflector needs to be help up close to the paper; a normal reflector with a conventional light bulb would create a great big bulky presence near my head.
Tizio ph. Pierpaolo Ferrari
Product name

Tizio 50 years


RIchard Sapper


Aluminium, Tecnopolymer


da tavolo

base Ø110 x 780 x h 660 mm


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