Cabinets and containers

Cabinets, walk-in closets and containers are essential to keep spaces tidy and clean, starting from the hallway with coat stands or hooks to give the setting an orderly appearance from on entering. In the living room there are often bookcases, of different styles and sizes, as well as display cabinets, generally used to store special sets of crockery and shelves to have everything at hand. For the sleeping quarters the proposals range from the classic chest of drawers with bedside tables to the bedroom wardrobe that can be chosen as a built-in wardrobe to occupy a whole wall or also become a walk-in closet if the space is available. 

Wardrobes, walk-in closets, shoe racks and various containers: different proposals, different styles

The ideas selected in this section range from contemporary design with modern bedside tables and bookcases inspecial shapes and styles to the most classic solutions such as the essential display cabinet or the shoe racks in the entryway. The cabinets and containers lend themselves to maximum versatility to satisfy all tastes: they can be made of different materials such as wood, simple or satin-finish glass and mirrors, often also combined.

Cabinets and containers: space-saving solutions 

Depending on needs, wardrobes become our best allies in small spaces, occupying a functional place even in mini apartments. This is the case, for example, of space-saving shoe racks, specially designed to be positioned without difficulty in any entryway. Other products of this type are: the bridge wardrobe, perfect for inserting a bed or a desk, the wardrobe with sliding doors, ideal for narrow passages, and the corner wardrobe, to have everything in order in a small space. Another way to optimize space is the storage chest, often incorporating a seat or footrest, to do double service. 

A cabinet or storage solution for every need

The possibility of creating custom-made cabinets and containers responds to any architectural requirement, from the 3-door wardrobe to the 6-door wardrobe, also by assembling elements of modular systems with the utmost freedom. 

Cabinets as walls. With smooth doors and fluted handles, cabinets and containers can be lacquered in the same shade as the walls. This creates an effect of continuity with the optical effect of enlarging the space. The addition of mirrored doors has the additional advantage of expanding the perception of space. In addition, if the wardrobe is set against a wall the effect is even more striking. If the wardrobe fits in a corner, is shaped or has rounded edges, it will adapt to any setting.

Cabinets with side bookcase element. Especially if near a door, the structure of the wardrobe or container can end in a bookcase, or in any case with open compartments, becoming a functional detail with an always successful effect. 

Cabinets and containers with glass doors. Often with internal lighting systems, wardrobes and open containers make clothes and objects true furnishing elements. Suitable for large bedrooms.

Cabinets with compartments and niches. Bridge wardrobes not only add variety to a wall a wall that is too linear, but can also accommodate bookcases, a desk, a TV cabinet. Some can be built around a doorway.

Feature wardrobes and containers. And if the setting allows it, these cabinets and containers can be turned into the focal points of the room through original and striking shapes and colors.

The importance of the interiors of cabinets and storage units

The interior of a well-organized closet or container has space to store all our objects in order. For this reason they should be packed with internal drawers, smaller containers, compartments, shelves and sections with cross-rods at various heights for hanging clothes from. A great help to keep things tidy comes from small boxes and separators, rigid or in fabric, widely available on the market, which further help organize the interiors.

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