Vismara Design

luxury home cinema with orange and red reclining cinema seating

Vismara Design, now one of the leading brands in the luxury furniture sector, took its first steps back in 1950 as a small craft workshop in Brianza, in the very heart of northern Italy.

Vismara Design is focused on Home Entertainment area, which consists of luxury game rooms and exclusive private home theaters.

All the Vismara Design furniture solutions represent an authentic expression of sophistication: the selection of noble and precious materials, the meticulous attention to detail and the use of innovative technology give Vismara's customers the possibility to witness true luxury experiences.


What more characterizes Vismara, are at first people, hands and eyes, always vigilant on the present, on the past and first of all on future. It’s love and devotion the real Vismara Design driving force, who does not create simply furniture but big perspectives.
modern pool table covered with leather with professional cloth

Dandy | Pool Table

private home theater room with emerald chairs and padded wall panels

Emerald Home Cinema | Comfort Recliner

Luxury Game Room with billiard foosball and home bar

Luxury Game Room | Billiard Table - Foosball Table - Home Bar

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