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Asso | Poker Table

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modern design poker table for private home

Asso | Poker Table

Asso, is the new Poker Table by Vismara.

The simplicity of its shape is transformed into extreme luxury thanks to a deep study of the details.
The conical base is covered with leather, as are the cup holders built into the top ofthe table.

The playing surface is covered in slightly padded cloth, customizable in all Pantone colors.

Asso Poker Table is available both in round and oval shape.

colorful modern game room with poker table

The new Poker Table is offered in two versions: Basic and Deluxe. The first version features the entire structure in lacquered wood, to be chosen from lacquering, glossy, matt and soft touch, a particular finish with a velvety effect. The cup holders, built into the edges, are made of steel, with a chrome, gold or bronze finish.

In the Deluxe version, Asso Poker Table is enriched with a leather covering on the conical base, as well as on the built-in cup holders. The Deluxe version enhances the shapes of Poker Table through an incredible attention to detail.

round poker table with leather leg

Asso | Round Poker Table

oval poker table with modern design

Asso | Oval Poker Table

round poker table modern

Asso | Round Poker Table

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