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SLIDE Design

Since 2002 SLIDE has been creating small and large Made in Italy protagonists for outdoor furniture and lighting for contract and residential projects. We love creating sustainable and ethic design products.

outdoor furniture

Mara collection | Design Lorenza Bozzoli

outdoor furniture

Low Lita collection | Design Paola Navone

lighting furniture

Giotto collection | Design Roberto Paoli

outdoor furniture

Queen of Love | Design Graziano Moro, Renato Pigatti

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Entering its twentieth year of activity, the resulting image of SLIDE is that of a young and innovative company that has been based on solid principles since its foundation: the high quality of Made in Italy and the continuous search for excellence in rotational moulding technology. Playful shapes and colours, typical of the first production, have been joined by combinations with other materials, new tactile textures and shades and nuances that only SLIDE is capable of creating.

Giò Colonna Romano tells us how SLIDE was born and has grown in its first twenty years of activity.

In 2002 Giò Colonna Romano founded SLIDE, with the desire to create astonishment and wonder. The first intuition came even before SLIDE was born: simple shapes, such as spheres and cubes, created with translucent materials, whose light bulb inside lets out a homogeneous light that furnishes. Simple and magical. With thirty years' knowledge of plastics, we went even further, to unleash the full potential of rotational moulding, and the second brilliant intuition was the luminous piece of furniture, which quickly became a must-have in the events sector.

outdoor furniture

Cordiale collection | Design Roberto Paoli

outdoor lighting

Globo | Design SLIDE Studio

outdoor lighting

Pivot | Design SLIDE Studio

outdoor furniture

Jet e Koncord | Design Karim Rashid

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

From its origin SLIDE is based in Buccinasco, near Milan, where its offices and production hub are located, SLIDE carries its name and its products in more than 130 countries around the world.

The pop and iconic spirit of its best sellers is linked and homogenised with a higher and more refined language, which immediately entered the hearts of architects and interior designers, who use our furniture for their more exquisitely contract or residential projects.

tavolino di servizio

Ambrogio | Design Favaretto&Partners

panchina outdoor

Amore | Design Giò Colonna Romano

cornice decorativa

Frame of Love | Design Graziano Moro, Renato Pigatti

lampada da tavolo

Kokò | Design Giò Colonna Romano

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile