Sancal manufactures colourful and innovative modern furniture and works with a global roster of hand-picked designers to produce seating, tables and home accessories characterised by creativity.

Sancal was born under the Spanish sun some forty years ago, and we remain there to this day. Our Spanish identity: passionate, open, joyful yet humble is captured in every design.  

The firm designs balanced products with a strong identity, but which can be personalized at the same time, because the diversity of humanity is the measure of everything. Sancal has a contemporary style, timeless and eclectic. Its premise is to design products which go forward with us, which bring value and allow to create personal, singular spaces. 

For Sancal design should be a source of… Innovation, to develop new concepts and improve existing products. Simplicity, to make our lives easier. Closeness, to make the new familiar. Creativity, to thrill us. 

Sancal’s motto “Smile, break the mold and be happy!” is a call to action. Start by smiling, because good humour is the key to good work. Break with the established. It’s possible to design a happier world.  


Remnant armchair by Note Design Studio for Sancal.


Click armchair by Estudio Sancal.


Core sofa by Note Design Studio for Sancal.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Museo Collection

Sancal’s last collection’s concept is a nod to the world of art, showing their products as if they were museum pieces.

“Our furniture are not art works, we admire and respect artists too much to say that, but we treat them as if they were,” admits Elena Castaño-López.

Museo is just a reflection exercise about the creative creative work by no means that Sancal’s new designs are art. Art and design are concepts very close.

What can you see in “Museo”?

Museo Collection includes contemporary, innovative and iconic furniture, characterized by its sculptural and elegant appearance. The simple aesthetic of each product does not sacrifice its function, having undergone a technically ambitious development cycle.

“After years of experience working with illustrators and creatives, Elena and I agree that the dedication and passion with which industrial designers, interior designers and architects undertake each new project is similar to that of any artist”, clarifies Esther Castaño-López.