Officine Gullo srl

Officine Gullo srl

Officine Gullo is an Italian excellence in the production of luxury kitchens, professional cooking ranges and kitchen accessories, using noble metals and following Florentine artisanal traditions.

The metal kitchens by Officine Gullo represent a special fusion: one between ancient craftsmanship tradition and technological innovation.
Inspiration is drawn from the past and reinterpreted for the functionalities of the future
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At Officine Gullo, we build with a focus on times far longer than the industrial production cycle of our sector, aiming for items that can be eventually updated, reused, and further improved, never abandoned or destroyed. 
We work and design, so to speak, for today's life and tomorrow's antiquity. 
Each element offers robustness, beauty, and the value of the materials used. 
In every creation of ours, Florentine tradition merges with an obsessive pursuit of functionality and beauty: we refine the steel bodywork of our cooking machines with elements of hand-hammered brass, copper, thick galvanic finishes, engravings, following in the footsteps of the artisans who, over the centuries, forged metal in Florence, creating unique and inimitable works.

We are proud to put our name on everything that comes out of our workshops, confident that this name will endure over time along with our creations.

Officine Gullo srl
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Beauty and substance, research and luxury, skill and elegance, product and process: different worlds coexist side by side at Officine Gullo. 
Besides being a renowned brand worldwide for the uniqueness of its kitchens, Officine Gullo is exactly what the name suggests: a workshop where raw materials are cut, bent, and shaped by hand to create timeless works. 
Now, as in the past, human hands hold the secret of alchemical transformation, from raw material to sublime creations. 
Unique kitchens, designed to allow homeowners to cook in their own homes like chefs do in their restaurants.