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Officine Gullo srl

The Contemporary Collection embodies youthful luxury, contemporary and a synthesis of the highest expressions of design, craftsmanship, and technology.

What makes Contemporanea kitchens unique is the choice of materials from which they are crafted. We only use noble metals, such as high-thickness steel for the structure and solid brass for the finishes.
The Contemporanea Collection comprises modern kitchens in which metal is the central element.
An outsider in a market for which the elegance of steel is frequently reduced to artificiality through lacquering and texturing, and in which the words “metallic colour/effect” are all too often used. 

In this Officine Gullo collection, steel is the only material used, alongside brass explored in various finishes. This is a contemporary and curated concept for steel connoisseurs who understand the material’s aesthetic and functional value. 

The Contemporanea Collection is a product of the expertise honed by Officine Gullo: technological knowledge that harnesses this material’s expressive potential and versatility. Steel acquires style in the Contemporanea Collection, looking to the future and destined to endure over time.

Officine Gullo srl
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Officine Gullo srl