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Officine Gullo srl

The Bar & Lounge collection, one of the essential furnishings of luxury interior design, offers various furniture solutions, from bar furniture that occupies equipped walls to those organized on a cart.

The Bar & Lounge collection presents an extraordinary sequence of equipment, modules, and components, designed to meet different usage needs, furnishing the living area with countless customization possibilities. 

Through a series of independent elements that combine with each other, the Bar & Lounge collection offers completely customizable solutions to meet various usage needs, seamlessly integrating with the architecture and furnishings of the environment.
The stainless steel structure of the modules can be painted in any color from the RAL range – in addition to custom colors available upon request – and enriched in detail by iconic brass finishes. 

From furniture composition to the selection of a wide range of the best professional appliances and accessories, it is possible to create configurations tailored to the space the furniture will occupy and the aesthetic tastes of the customer.
Countertops, seats, modules equipped with wine cellars, refrigerators, ice buckets, ice makers, sinks and faucets, bottle shelves, and glass holders allow for sharing cocktails and drinks for moments of relaxation or small domestic parties.

Officine Gullo srl
Officine Gullo srl
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Officine Gullo srl