Listone Giordano


Listone Giordano is a brand of excellence in the manufacture of fine wood flooring, patented in 1984, distinguished by technological innovation, beauty and durability of its products. 

Listone Giordano is the keeper of ancient memory and skills. Since its debut on the market is has been driven by an untamed spirit of innovation. It has combined the innate gift of nature with the genius of man to manufacture unique wood flooring creations. Listone Giordano wood flooring collections are featured in some of the best residential projects in the world as well as it takes central stage in the main international designer and architectural projects worldwide. All this and more is Listone Giordano today.

The episode of the Industrial Design series to be aired on Tuesday 19 February will be dedicated to an Italian excellence. Listone Giordano is a brand that in the world is synonymous with wood flooring. But inside the apparent simplicity of Listone Giordano is contained a broader and more multifaceted history that reveals a profound entrepreneurial vision, aimed at embracing design, technology, sustainability and culture.

Today Listone Giordano is in fifty countries around the world, but its heart remains in Umbria, where over the course of four generations the Margaritelli family has built a lasting and reciprocal relationship with trees, a true alliance, dedicating itself to silviculture, the art of planting and growing forests. Like the forest in Città della Pieve, which today becomes an open-air laboratory for the study of climate change and a ground for artistic experimentation. 

Genius and naturalness are therefore the key words to capture the most authentic values of made in Italy according to Listone Giordano.

Listone Giordano parquet
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