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Collection: Natural Genius

Category: Coatings

Biscuit Listone Giordano

Biscuit | Civita 1695

Re-thinking traditional wood floor, where rounded, bevelled and curved boards along with a slight “bombé” effect of the surface create a new language.

Buscuit | Patricia Urquiola

Designed by
Patricia Urquiola
Biscuit Listone Giordano
"Biscuit is a project that is developed around the concept of softness and is characterized by a free composition of lines and shapes".

Patricia Urquiola

Biscuit | Natural GeniuS

It happens sometimes that wood boards “run” together side-by-side, having therefore to “smooth sharp edges“ in order to rediscover an unprecedented harmony. Going so far as to “merge” and combine each other. The slightly convex outline complements the design emphasizing the material sensations and the tactile experience of the wood.

Patricia Urquiola balances the sustainable quality of wood with formal creativity in a project for Listone Giordano.

 The smooth cut of the boards allows to play with new designs and compositions, which although similar to the classic patterns of ancient wood floors, give life to modern and original herringbone, diagonal or full lenghts geometries.