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Collection: Natural Genius

Category: Coatings

Loop Listone Giordano

Loop | Greige

Canzano reflected on the concept of exceeding the limit of objects to go beyond the shape that defines them, so that limit (and the limit of shape) is no longer static and insurmountable, but takes on a more dynamic feel.

Parquet Loop | Sebastiano Canzano

Designed by
Sebastiano Canzano
“LOOP is an ingenious construction work, which opens up a new interpretation of the wooden furniture surface, which, rather than being geometrically oriented, is actually disorienting and therefore curiously stimulating”.

Sebastiano Canzano

Loop | Natural Genius

Can a geometric shape play hide and seek with our perceptions and endlessly push forward the borderline, the concept of limit? Loop is a wooden furniture surface that amazes for its ability to seamlessly embrace the space with amusing naturalness.