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Parco Gessi

Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for over 25 years. The italian excellence that has revolutioned the world of Private Wellness.

Gessi’s philosophy is embodied in the concept of Private Wellness®, which is to create and communicate products, concepts and values that create a culture of well-being in living the most private environments of a home. We aim at turning utilitarian spaces into special places capable of regenerating home dwellers by a daily use; just like private spas.  This philosophy of Private Wellness allows the bathroom to overcome its traditional function as a functional place without aesthetic relief, to become a style and a regeneration room. Here, thanks to the provision of new tools or a reinterpretation of customary ones, the user can spend quality time for his/her body and mind, to the point that the bathrooms become real private spas. If water, in its various forms, induces balance and well-being, the Private Wellness Lifestyle, aims to allow the consumer to exploit the potential of this precious element, and realize a “salus per aquam”, health through water, daily, inside the bathroom.