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Anello - Gessi

The new Gessi Anello collection - A pure figure, a circular physiognomy, a stylistic innovation that testifies to a physical and emotional bond. The bathroom is a place to relax after a stressful day or to spend some time before leaving the house. Regeneration, transformation, make-up, for a woman the bathroom is a bond of belonging and complicity, a space that favors the encounter between body and mind, where the emotional and spiritual spheres dialogue.

The poetry for a form that symbolizes a promise

The new Anello collection by Gessi speaks of harmony, love and fidelity. The design concept was, in fact, inspired by the form of a circle, a ring, that symbolises perfection, infinity, eternity. Not only refined design, love for details, harmony of lines and proportions: Gessi wants to enter the home, enter daily life, in a discreet way, but that also touches an emotional chord.

In addition to the different models and versions, the Collection incorporates many modular and coordinating variables. The finishes may be combined in creative matches: the ring itself is available with smooth finish or in two different variations of knurling. Combining or overlapping opaque and gloss surfaces, smooth or knurled, creates very interesting and pleasing contra­sts and original decorative effects.

The Anello line is mainly distinguished by the handle of the mixer that features a new circular form, a ring, a true jewel of functional use, a promise of love and union that gives wellness and happiness.

Ambiente collezione Anello

The new finishes in gloss brass, from warm to deep colours, and flamed brass, that has a charmingly rustic elegance, give a new alternative to the metallic surfaces that we are used to seeing in the bathroom fittings sector. Anello offers the possibility of creating innovative looks also thanks to a matte black finish, that joins the others of chrome, copper, gloss and satin metallic black.

Un total look della collezione Anello

The collection includes a variety of faucets for sinks, base and wall moun­ted. The mixer is produced in brass with treated surfaces, and presents va­rious finishes and patterns that enhance the uniqueness of the design with different hues and material or architectural effects.



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