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Inciso - Gessi

Inciso Collection -  The American allure of David Rockwell Studio meets the Italian soul of Gessi in a timeless and unexpected piece of art. The marked and decisive character of the collection perfectly balances the Gessi style and the American industrial chic flair.

Gessi meets american design in an intersection of history and dynamism

Thanks to the professionalism and inventiveness of two complementary realities, Inciso by David Rockwell has been created, marking Gessi's first exclusive collaboration with an American designer.

Rockwell Group is an interdisciplinary architecture and design company based in New York with a secondary office in Madrid. The company is known around the world for the innovative power and thought leadership it infuses into every project.

Founded by David Rockwell, FAIA uses theatre, technology, and high design to create extraordinary settings and experiences around the world.

The collection embodies strength, integrity and quality, with the aim of conveying the emotion and authenticity of ancient manufacturing in perfect harmony with the technological processing of materials.

An all-American asset with an Italian soul, for a contemporary furnishing where revolution, history and dynamism are dominant.

David Rockwell has instilled to Inciso his typical modern charm, characterised by fine and elegant "industrial" details.

Meanwhile, Gessi has given shape and life to an explosion of styles and finishes, once again successfully surprising and making a difference.

Inciso - Gessi

"Inciso' is not only the name of the new collection, but also its main feature, an engraving hidden in the spout that confers a strong personality to this piece of art, giving Inciso an elegant and refined profile. It was born from a deep curiosity for the world and a continuous search for perfection. A unique collection that reveals on one side the genuine emotion of ancient Italian craftsmanship and on the other the most innovative technologies used for working brass.

Inciso composizione

Inciso was a tough but exciting challenge for Gessi, a great opportunity to capture and then communicate, through an object, the American soul with an Italian touch thanks to a new aesthetic language in the contemporary bathroom.

Inciso - Gessi

The distinctive and decisive style of the collection is inherent in the Gessi design as well as in the American industrial chic flair. A new aesthetic code characterised by modern shapes and meticulous details, where the ancient soul is enlightened by a contemporary light, in details and finishes. Thanks to the various finishes and surface treatments available, such as brushed black, brushed brass, gold, bronze and finox, each space will be customised and made unique, truly special.



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