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It is at different times and places, but with the coincidence of chance encounters on the shoreline of the water, element of the Company's inspiration, that the creative people of Gessi happened to meet the designer Maurizio Scutellà and the artist-philosopher Marcel Lesko. Both had independently been engaged to create –a graphic perception the former, a poetic sculpture the latter – that integrated states of physical, mental and spiritual balance.

If, as Marcel Lesko imports "nothing happens by chance", but everything has a fundamental attraction, it is the convergence of talks in these encounters about balance and a primary sensory wellness, that  led Gessi to the creation of an art and functional object that enables people to find their own balance: an archetype that produces energy.


"Our creation of balance becomes our own equilibrium", this reaffirms the principle of love which involves an exchange: I give my all to the stone and it gives me back the beauty of a momentary encounter of strength and fragility, the harmony of a seemingly effortless dance step. The attainment of balance is the moment when I feel that my energy has become the energy of the stones and, vice versa, the energy flows back from the rock, and passing through the hands, reaches the mind.

Equilibrio - Gessi

Marcel Lesko is a sculptor of spirit and a master of life; his art and his philosophy are based on the pursuit of a concurrence of outer and inner well-being. This state can be achieved through immersion of our soul, which is our own breath, into the natural breath of the universe, that typical expansion and contraction of tides, the alternation of sunrise and sunset, the budding and then falling of leaves on the trees. In order for energy to run through us, it’s necessary to make room for it within ourselves: "I let balance come into me," says Marcel, and the stone, which is the ancestral memory of the universe, can communicate the original energy with which it is impregnated, predisposing us to achieve well-being.

Equilibrio - Gessi

"The silent breath of stones taught me to breathe" says Marcel, and his charming omen for personal harmony is an ancient and ancestral practice: the search for seemingly impossible balance between stones. This meditative exercise requires you to get lost in the action, to put yourself totally in the service of the stone, becoming the stone itself. Listening to silence lets our breathing tune in with the universal balance of nature; you need to surrender to the flow of life in a moment out of conventional time, to finally find yourself at your own center, in balance.


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