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Timeless by dnd handles

Long production experience,
the creativity of architects and designers

Handles that are the result of care, attention and passion. Dnd puts its manufacturing expertise at the service of the most brilliant creativity, collaborating with outstanding designers to develop collections that shine a light on the world of design, enrich its range of products and fully satisfy the needs of contemporary interior design.

pod by dnd handles

pod OLV designed by Holscher Design

eleonora by dnd handles

eleonora PGS designed by Marco Pisati

(IN)finito by dnd handles

(IN)finito ONO designed by Alfonso Femia

DUE by dnd handles

DUE ONO designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti

timeless by dnd handles

timeless ASV designed by Marco Pisati

levante by dnd handles

levante PVD-SCB designed by Maurizio Varratta

viva! by dnd handles

viva! OGH designed by Luca Nichetto

san by dnd handles

san ZCS designed by Philippe Tabet

madeleine by dnd handles

madeleine ONV designed by Inga Sempé

zeppelin by dnd handles

zeppelin OVE designed by Jaime Hayon

ginkgo by dnd handles

ginkgo PGS designed by Giulio Iacchetti

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

A forge for design

Dnd, managed by Vilma Martinelli together with her son Pietro and daughter Simona, is as a forge of ideas able to combine the long manufacturing experience gathered over time with the creativity of experienced and respected architects and designers who are duly involved in the design of the products.

Giulio Iacchetti

The artistic direction

Since 2017, Dnd appointed Giulio Iacchetti as its art director: a very talented industrial designer, involved in the development of the catalogue, the strategy, the selection of designers and consultants to be involved.

An important assignment, thanks to which Dnd intends to carry on, spending the utmost care and attention, with the growth path that makes it increasingly present in the world of home design.

Marco Pisati

Marco Pisati

A designer from Florence, trained as an architect, fascinated by new materials and technologies.

He experiments with ideas in a wide range of sectors, designing for different companies: ASI, IACSA (International Advanced Center for Space Applications), Grado Zero Espace, ACI, Emilio Pucci, 3M Rubinetterie, Glass Design & Dornbracht, Gattoni Rubinetterie, K8 Radiatori, Hego Waterdesign & Paini, Glass Design, Ceramica & Complementi, Bandini Rubinetterie, Il Bagno Bandini.

Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon

Artist-designer originally from Madrid, opened his studio in Valencia in 2010.

With offices in Spain, Italy and Japan, he designs for Fritz Hansen, Bosa, Cassina, BD Barcelona, Wittmann, Magis, Ceccotti, &Tradition, Baccarat, Paola C, Bisazza, LLadro, Vicarbe, Arflex, Nani Marquina, Vista Alegre, Parachilna.

Inga Sempé

Inga Sempé

Parisian born designer, she opened her own studio in 2000, in Paris. In the beginning, she first collaborated with Edra and Cappellini.

Today, she works with Scandinavian, Italian and French companies such as HAY, Magis, Ligne Roset, Wästberg, Alessi,LucePlan, Mutina, Mattiazzi.

Philippe Tabet

Philippe Tabet

Born and raised in Versailles, France, he studied industrial design in Lyon and Paris.

He collaborates with renowned companies such as Pianca, Lexon, Infiniti Design and Plust, whilst at the same time following his own path as a craftsman, with processes and results that are explorations of materials and techniques, as can be seen from Order, his series of masks. He won the Infiniti Design award in 2014 and the Young&Design award in 2017, before garnering the Good Design Award in 2018.

Holscher Design

Holscher Design

A multidisciplinary design firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Holscher Design has been active since 1990 and is amongst the most well-established and award-winning design agencies in Scandinavia.

The studio is headed up by a team of five partners, with deep roots in the tradition of the Nordic countries, and develops international projects spanning various fields, including lighting, sanitaryware, construction components and urban design.

Alfonso Femia

Alfonso Femia

Born in Taurianova (Reggio Calabria), Alfonso Femia lives by leaving and returning to Genoa from Milan and Paris.

He graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa in 1992 and he is a member of the Order of Architects of Genoa, Île-de-France and Switzerland.

His projects include the new BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters in Rome, the Docks in Marseilles and the OGR in Turin.

Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stefano Boeri Architetti

Based in Milan, with offices in Shanghai (since 2014) and Tirana (since 2015), Stefano Boeri Architetti (Boeri Studio until 2008) has focused since 1993 on design and research, mostly in the fields of architecture and urban planning, but also on culture and interior design.

The studio has developed projects of architecture and urban regeneration in complex locations and on multiple continents, supporting and enhancing the synergies among the various players of public and private development.

Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto

Designer originally from Venice, he works on an international basis and specialises in industrial design, product design and design consultancy.

He has been awarded numerous international design awards for his projects, which range across products, furniture and accessories, as well as incorporating architecture and exhibition design.

Maurizio Varratta

Maurizio Varratta

Born in Genoa, Maurizio Varratta took a degree in architecture in 1981. From 1983 to 1999 he worked with the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

In 1999 he opened his own firm and began to participate in many national and international competitions. His works range from architectural design (hospitals, production facilities, offices, bridges, hotels, railway stations and airport terminals, shopping malls, highway service areas) to industrial design (lighting, bath fixtures, objects) and space planning.

The firm applies the principles of integrated design, environmental sustainability, quality of space and energy saving, in keeping with various international protocols.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Architettura per le mani

“Handling architecture”: the project

To involve architects who had never – or seldom – focused on product design, inviting them to create a handle. This was the challenge formulated by Dnd in 2018 – based on an idea of Giulio Iacchetti, the company art director – and suggested to five architecture firms with an Italian background very active on an international level: Stefano Boeri Architetti, Alfonso FemiaMaurizio Varratta, Cino Zucchi and 967arch.

Discover all the services by Dnd dedicated to architects and designers.

Showroom dnd

Open Doors

Dnd’s direct consultancy service.

Are you an architect and would you like to receive a direct, one-to-one advice on your projects?
Do you want to learn about finishes, materials and customisation options?

Thanks to Open Doors you can speak directly with your personal consultant and develop your project at best. Book a 30-minute appointment with a Dnd consultant by selecting a day and time taken from the available slots.

Discover all the services by Dnd dedicated to architects and designers.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Made in Italy

Manufacturing quality handles that are completely Made in Italy, since ever

A long-standing strategic choice that is based on the values of Italian corporate culture.

Dnd is Made in Italy with the pride of making products thanks to the knowledge, researchstyle and care that small objects – such as handles – require. The excellence and value of Italian design has always been based on developing, working, finishing and testing in Italy: important steps to ensure quality products.

From creativity to materials, the drawing to the project, the production to the finishing, handles that are always made in Italy and made of Italy, to enter the most beautiful, appealing homes, to enhance outstanding works of architecture, to offer an optimal response to needs of customization in the contract sector, in Italy and the world.

Special processes

Special processes

Dnd’s extensive experience in metalworking allows it to carry out all types of processes, including manual ones, in order meet customisation requirements at best: from bronzing to different levels of shading, from brushing to plating and brass aging processes, craftsmanship at its highest levels.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile