Gaia Lamperti



Gaia Lamperti is a multimedia journalist based in London covering art, design and technology through the lens of social inclusion and sustainable innovation. With a degree in Italian Literature from the University of Milan (2015-2018) and a Master’s degree in International Journalism from City, University of London (2019-2020), Gaia has worked with international media companies, online publications and non-profit organisation across news reporting, feature writing, podcasting and visual storytelling.

Born in Milan, she has lived and worked in the US, Spain and Australia before settling in London where she has received in-company training at The Economist and was awarded with the Youth Fellowship by the International Monetary Fund in 2020. Gaia is also a fellow reporter at the Solution Journalism Network covering solution-driven stories about sustainable innovation.

Her work has been published on Al Jazeera, Euronews, Domus, IBS Intelligence, DeSmog, SmartGreen Post and others.








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