Camilla Colombo



She graduated in Philosophy from the Università Statale in Milan and did an MA in Journalism at the Scuola Walter Tobagi. She began working as a professional journalist in 2017, as a contributor and social media editor at La Stampa in Milan, before moving on to be a desk editor at How To Spend It/Il Sole 24 Ore. Today, She’s a freelance journalist and account manager at PrimoPiano Srl, a small communications agency in Milan. Given the chance, she’d read all day long: she reads dozens of books a year. When she’s working on articles, she enjoys meeting people, telling their stories and ideally framing the details. The interviews she’s conducted that gave her the greatest rewards include Mario Cucinella, Piero Lissoni, Pina Amarelli, Erin O’Connor and Achille Lauro. In her free time, she boxes at home, treks in the mountains, and rides her KTM.

Articles by Camilla Colombo