Not just any ordinary chair

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Casa Living Korea is devoting a special edition to the world of chairs, from design to purpose, tracing the history of the leading sectoral companies and the birth of pieces that marked an era, an intergenerational transfer or a technological leap forward.


As you read these few lines, where are you sitting now, dear reader?” asks the author of the article. Chairs are such indispensable pieces of domestic furniture that they are constant subjects of research into form, structure, ergonomics and the use of different materials and have, especially, over the last few decades, born witness to industrial development, and therefore to the discovery of materials such as plastic and resistant industrial fabrics, and to changing lifestyles, prompting designers to come up with versatile forms and modes for objects that have always been part of our homes. The magazine Casa Living Korea invites readers to examine the tangible and intangible values of these products, their originality, the longevity of their design and their use in socio-cultural settings. In order to do so, it features pieces and perspectives from Knoll, Magis, Thonet, Cassina, Cappellini, Vitra, and many others. “We want readers to realise that the reason for buying a good chair should not be its beautiful shape, but in order to possess an all-important object that reflects your essential life values. Magazine readers, please don’t “just” sit on any old chair, bear in mind the fact that that chair is supporting your life.”  




Original Text: Saeun Jung

Photo: courtesy CSLV magazine

Magazine: Casa Living Korea Magazine

Publisher: SIGONGSA

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28 September 2021