Cascina Ranverso lighting project

A special report dedicated to the role of design in light, with the answers of important Italian lighting designers collected by the magazine Luce

LUCE 342

“Designing a good lighting project means to make sure that the light is sized and distributed in the room so as to satisfy all the functional and aesthetic requirements, optimizing the different needs. [...] In any case, there is an increasing attention towards qualitative aspects of lighting, also considering the role played by all the surfaces which, in the visual scene, contribute to the characterization of the luminous environment. However, this approach does not seem to take into account the design and the aesthetics of the luminaire, which instead very often characterizes the places themselves, harmonizing or not with the architectural context". Susanna Antico, Carolina De Camillis, Bianca Tresoldi, Jacopo Acciaro, Andrea Ingrosso and Alberto Ricci Petitoni answer four questions. Explore Luce's website here. 


Magazine: Luce 
Country: Italy 
Issue: 342  
Article: The role of design in light 
Author: Laura Bellia, Andrea Calatroni 
Photo: Cascina Ranverso, lighting design by Susanna Antico 

27 January 2023