Celebrating 50 years of family business


To celebrate with elegancy its’ first half of the century family-run business, Poliform called in Paolo Roversi, a fashion photographer who mastered the challenge and captured the soul of his subjects. Time, Light, Space, a photographic book, celebrates the history of one of the most known Italian furniture company, founded in 1970 on the initiative of three cousins, Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli, and Giovanni Anzani, and the timelessness of their sophisticated products.

There’s no other way to say it, but when many companies celebrate a significant birthday the results can be like receiving a present that gets a polite smile and the thought that the giver has absolutely no idea who you are. Poliform didn’t want to rubber stamp their half century. “We gave ourselves a gift for our 50th anniversary,” says Giovanni Anzani, “we didn't want just another catalogue, we already have those for sale, we wanted something special, first of all for us: a documentation of 30 of our iconic products by a photographer from outside our sector, someone who was able to capture not only the surface, but to go in-depth and understand the soul of these products. The choice of Paolo Roversi was significant. We weren't sure if a photographer used to models would want to try his hand at a static subject. However, he accepted, and the result thrilled us."



Text: Silvia Anna Barrilà

Photo: courtesy of Poliform

Magazine: DAMN°

Published by: DAMNtown Ltd

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13 July 2021