Bespoke systems

armadi su misura

Walk-in wardrobes and shelving systems that unveil a great harmony of style, as well as a multitude of functional aspects. They also give free rein to personal taste with ad hoc arrangements. Here are the latest products to help better organise spaces. 

Protagonists of the domestic scene, the systems for living rooms and bedrooms are not just places where clothes, accessories and books are stored, they are actual design objects. They offer increasingly customised solutions and are designed to respond to everybody’s needs, made to measure like a piece of high-end tailoring to fit into any sort of space. Projects that allow for maximum freedom of expression, with a multitude of details and a variety of combinations that just shout tailor-made.  

PORRO (Pav 04 - Stand B 08) 

Architecture within architecture is suggested by the light, see-through Storage system designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro. The new edition has undergone a major revolution not just in looks but also from the construction point of view. The traditional uprights have been made even thinner in order to confer an airy feel of extreme lightness, making for greater internal space and allowing for greater freedom to play around with the transparent glass compartments, turning it into an actual showcase for clothes and objects. The design also harnesses the intangible qualities of light. Thanks to the new wireless lighting system, the electricity is fed into and concealed inside the structure: the shelves become light bodies with variable lighting regulated by the choice of two different temperatures. A technical evolution in the pursuit of absolute visual purity that makes Porro’s furnishing even more powerful and exciting.  

armadio porro

Storage di Piero Lissoni per PORRO 

MOLTENI&C (Pav 02 - Stand A 23) 

Volumetric harmony and flexibility are the keywords for Vincent Van Duysen’s Hector Night for Molteni&C which responds to the needs of contemporary living, in which the domestic spaces are multifunctional and lend themselves to a variety of uses. Designed as a perfectly modelled wall system, it can also be easily altered and transformed.  It lends itself to an infinite variety of functions, floor to ceiling or wall compositions. The features include the double metal finish of the frame in pewter and bronze, which marries with sophisticated materials such as the pale and dark chestnut of the drawers and the screen-printed smoked glass. The clothes hanger rods, as well as the metallic finishes, can be covered in a wide range of ecoskin colours.  

armadi molteni

Hector Night di Vincent Van Duysen per Molteni 

POLIFORM (Pav 04 – Stand A 01) 

The Poliform collection of systems has been devised to confer an elegant look on both the living and the bedroom areas, now that home living has become more fluid. Distinguished by its essential shapes and high-end finishes, the Lexington walk-in wardrobe and bookcase, designed by Poliform and Jean-Marie Massaud, are lightweight structures with matte champagne ceiling mounts and champagne-coloured nickel adjustment feet. The elm melamine shelves with matte champagne-coloured fronts and backs and Grain latte tecno-cover and matte champagne frames are lit by integrated LED lighting. The bedroom system boasts matte champagne-coloured glass-fronted dressers and bottom shelves in reflective smoked glass, set off by matte champagne Track handles.  

armadi poliform

Cabina Lexington, progettata da Poliform e Jean-Marie Massaud 

RIFLESSI (Pav 03 – Lane E 18) 

Freewall from Riflessi is a vintage-style fixed modular system and comes in two different sizes. The first module was designed as a bookshelf that can be placed against a wall or used as a discreet room divider, and the second can work as a sophisticated shelving system up against a sofa. The slender graphite painted metal frame is accompanied by hand-brushed brass shelves, conferring a look of timeless fascination.   

armadi riflessi

Libreria Freewall di Riflessi 

MDF Italia (Pav 02 – Stand D 26) 

A new finish in sophisticated and recherché Canaletto walnut clads the classic 2C and 3C versions of the iconic Random bookcase from MDF Italia, designed by Neuland industriedesign. The elegant darker-veined texture brings out the natural beauty of the wood, conferring a warm, welcoming atmosphere wherever it is placed, from sitting rooms to dining rooms. The new Random Wood blends harmoniously into any domestic space or style, from the most classic to the most modern. It’s a modular bookcase that can be used on its own in small spaces or coupled with other colourways to create large-scale compositions.  

7 September 2021