SaloneSatellite 2023: focus on training and the design of the future

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Some 550 young designers from 31 countries will be present at the event, as well as 28 schools and universities. This year’s great and awaited guest will be Gaetano Pesce

From 18 to 23 April, pavilions 13-15 of the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 will host the 24th edition of the SaloneSatellite, founded in 1998 by Marva Griffin and curated by her, "the Salone within the Salone" dedicated to young design talents. Training and the challenges of the future are the main themes of this SaloneSatellite, created to showcase designers under 35, which has proved over the years to be a real resource for the meeting between emerging designers and the business world. It is perhaps no simple coincidence that one of the encounters in the Arena of the SaloneSatellite will be enlivened by the Italian sculptor, designer and architect Gaetano Pesce. In his account of the first steps and main stages of his long career of worldwide renown, he will inspire and infuse new energy into the young promises of international design.

28 Design Schools and Universities from 18 countries are expected at the SaloneSatellite and “Design Schools – Universities / BUILDING THE (IM)POSSIBLE Process, Progress, Practice”, the theme that will be the framework of the next edition. In particular, the installations and works by the graduates-to-be at training institutes will answer the question “Design: WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Bringing together the different contributions from each institution will create an ideal collective map of design visions, revealing the coming challenges that await us and how to cope with them through design and its teaching. In an era characterized by great changes in environmental, economic and social balances, they will provide precious pointers to guide emerging students and designers, companies and the whole design world.

The exhibit design, curated as usual by the architect Ricardo Bello Dias, will also contribute to this “group work”: the stands of the institutes will be arranged along a perimeter ring in an ideal embrace of the approximately 550 exhibitors under 35 coming from 31 countries.

The inspiration, however, comes from Euroluce, the event devoted to lighting design that returns to the Salone del Mobile.Milano after 4 years and that shares the same pavilions with the SaloneSatellite. Natural light, and what it represents – a metaphor of life and the learning processes – will be the leitmotif of the under-35 space. The same inspiration is also found in the two areas devoted to the SaloneSatellite Award with a special installation with telescopes to admire an imaginary scenario of the future of design and the interplays of light, shade and colors to stage the different lighting changes from dawn to dusk. The award, in its 12th edition, will honor three of the most deserving projects (and may also award up to two Honorable Mentions). All the candidate prototypes will, as always, be exhibited in a dedicated exhibition and be assessed by an international Jury, headed, since the first edition, by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator Department of Architecture and Design and Director, Research and Development of the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA.

On the border between SaloneSatellite and Euroluce, a special exhibition, “SATE... LIGHT. 1998-2022 SaloneSatellite Young Designers”, will be a further tribute to Euroluce by presenting most of the lamps by the designers who, over the years, have taken part in the various editions, and gone into production thanks to partnerships with companies that have staked their future on young promises. 


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