Piero Lissoni with Storage for Porro

Piero Lissoni and Storage by Porro

Storage is a constantly evolving, architecturally-inspired modular system designed with rationality and functionality in mind, boasting seductive transparency.

Storage in just a few words.

Storage is a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Tell us about the creative and design concept behind the wardrobe.

Storage came into being years ago, in 2000, and it just keeps evolving. It’s a structure within a structure, but it’s extremely light because it breathes transparency, rather like a window inside a house. We worked to an architectural rather than a product scale, we wondered whether it would be possible to put container windows inside homes. That’s how Storage came into being.
Then, every detail is a project in itself, from the scale and the modules down to the choice of woods and colours. This year, for example, we added lighting, but it’s a trick, an invisible light that conceals the technology but helps you figure out what’s inside in a delicate and sensual manner.

How important is the study of materials in Storage?

The materials and the woods have a precise role and define the other elements of the project too. Everything relates to everything else, and every element has its own importance so that it becomes an experience in the round, capable of bestowing a precise identity on what will become the space. As I said earlier, even the materials are a project within a project.

What relationship grew up between you and this wardrobe?

Storage is one of those evolving products that I love because it keeps making me raise the bar and pushes me a little bit further.

How and where do you see this product in 10 years?

Lorenzo Porro and I will undoubtedly invent something else … maybe in 10 years’ time it will be a spacecraft.

Storage, Porro
Storage, Porro
Storage, Porro
Storage, Porro
Storage, Porro
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27 July 2021