Ferruccio Laviani and his Geen-A for Kartell

Ferruccio Laviani e Geen-A

A lamp that channels the pleasure of reading. Light-hearted, essential, almost poetic. Dedicated to his mother. A “no frills” project that goes right to the point and straight to the heart.

The product in just a few words.

Geen-A is a minimalist reading lamp, its shape extremely recognisable yet unobtrusive, a nomadic object always within reach.

Tell us about the creative and design concepts behind Geen-A.

I was explicitly asked to design a reading lamp, and so what I didn’t want to do was get into technicalities or fall back on modern revisions of retro lamps; the result was a simple, decisive clean shape with a character and identity of its own, something contemporary and easy, both in terms of placement and in terms of light source, which is why I went back to using dear old light bulbs (LED naturally).

How important is the study of function and materials in this project?

In this particular case, and given its precise remit, the ergonomic and lighting technique aspects were crucial to reproportioning the creative concept and make it concrete. The lamp is produced using simple powder-coated metal and a weight to stop it falling over because of the small size of the base; this allowed us to avoid complicated moulds that would have pushed up the retail cost, thus making it more attractive to a broader market.

What sort of relationship grew up between you and Geen-A?

Despite its simplicity, Geen-A took almost a year and a half to complete and go on sale. One gets fond of one’s own projects, rather as we become fond of people, and the same is even more true of this lamp which carries the nickname I and my family gave my mother.

How and where do you see this product in 10 years’ time?

I’m not exactly sure where, but I hope all over the world, what’s certain is that it will always be accompanied by a book, and that already makes me happy.

29 June 2021