EuroCucina 2024 looks to the future: previews

salonemilano, vipp

Vipp, V3

Environmental, economic and social responsibility is the unifying thread running through installations, set designs, projects, talks and tasting experiences that accompany the biennial EuroCucina / FTK, Technology For the Kitchen. Under the banner of artificial intelligence, the ecosystem and neurosciences 

Space is not only visual perception, but also the highly emotional sphere of those who live and pass through it. When redefining the layout of EuroCucina 2024, Lombardini22 - professionals specializing in strategic design, Neurosciences and Universal Design - investigates the reasons that prompt people to choose one direction rather than another when moving about in a space. 

To involve visitors in the course of the exhibition layout, improving the experience of visiting the halls, under the guidance of Cristian Catania, Reinventing Fair project director, the Milan-based group analyzed people’s emotional and unconscious reactions. 

Virtual Reality and Layout    

Through virtual reality processing, Lombardini22 in collaboration with the MySpace Lab research center compared the new ring layout of the EuroCucina / FTK pavilion, Technology For the Kitchen with the traditional arrangement. The two different VR models were submitted to the attention of 30 subjects and analysis showed that the ring-shaped layout creates broader and more intuitive paths, breakout areas and services and favors better visibility of the exhibition spaces.  

As far as the traditional chessboard layout is concerned, numerous technical advantages have been noted, but at the same time the presence of a large number of routes that can cause visitors to lose their bearings. 

EuroCucina/ FTK, Technology For the Kitchen will host 100 exhibitors (35% of them from abroad) in a space of 24,000 square meters in Pavilions 2-4

The food-design combination  

Lombardini22 designed the central space devoted to food design to tell the story of the present and future of food. A large star-shaped stage on which a trade magazine, a performer, an artist or an array of food designers from around the world will take their turns. 

There are two areas: the functional one, with the workshop and workbench, and the exhibition space for books and magazines about food design. Between the two rooms, the technical fireproof wall becomes a screen for video projections. 

Six international food magazines 

At the center of the pavilions hosting EuroCucina / FTK, Technology For the Kitchen, the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be hosting six independent international food magazines, together with international artists, designers and chefs, to present “All You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Food Design in Six Performances”: reflections, exhibitions, talks and daily tasting experiences. 

The debate on the challenges and opportunities that the food sector offers the world of design will be animated by the magazines Family Style (United States), L’Integrale (Italy), Linseed Journal (Britain), Magazine F (South Korea), The Preserve Journal (Austria), Farta (Portugal). 

salonemilano, LG

LG, refrigerator MoodUP

salonemilano, beko

BEKO, Midnight Line

salonemilano, siemens

Siemens Elettrodomestici, oven iQ700

salonemilano, bosch

Bosch, ovens Serie 8

salonemilano, smeg

SMEG, Built-in wine cellar 88 cm high

salonemilano, miele

Miele, ArtLine, Matt Black

salonemilano, aran cucine


salonemilano, scavolini

Scavolini, Mira

salonemilano, vipp

Vipp, V3

salonemilano, Whirlpool

Whirlpool, Cooking Suite

salonemilano, neff

NEFF, piano a induzione V68YYX4C0 con cappa integrata

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

How companies are coping with these topics. Some previews 

State-of-the-art technologies, innovative materials, collaborations with chefs and designers and sustainability across all the new products on display are the main themes of this biennial event. 

The MoodUP refrigerator from LG featurs color-changing LED doors, offering a broad selection of colors for the doors and playing music through the built-in speaker. The LG booth will offer attendees various experiences in line with the concept of “Life’s Good”, such as the DJ Cooking Show held by Dj Donpasta, a masterclass for zero-waste oven cooking and Wine Tasting sessions held by sommelier Emanuele Trono. 

The distinctive features of Beko's Midnight Line built-in collection (ovens, hoods, hobs)  – awarded the iF Design Award 2024 – are the dark tones tending towards the “night” of grey and anthracite and the matt and satin finishes. The induction hobs come in 80cm and 60cm sizes.  

Siemens home appliances is launching the new iQ700 series of ovens, the new heart of the German brand’s Intelligent Kitchen. The browning sensor enables food to be prepared with a perfect browning level, which can be pre-set by the user with the built-in camera. Each model is connected and powered by AI to deliver optimal cooking results. 

The Series 8 ovens from Bosch can count on the cooking assistant. Simply connect the oven to your Home Connect account, which uses voice control to select the dish via the Home Connect app or the Amazon Alexa skill. The oven itself suggests the best settings or cooking program. 

Smeg offers the built-in wine cellar with new 88 cm high racks capable of holding 40 bottles. It comes equipped with two independent temperature zones and two cooling circuits designed to preserve both red and white wine in the best possible way, in an environment with a constant temperature and humidity level. 

The new version of ArtLine by Miele with ovens, combi ovens, microwaves, coffee machines, induction hobs, stoves, vacuum drawers, wine coolers, freezers and dishwasher front panels stands out by the absence of handles (a sensor opens the doors with a touch). It is presented with the Matt Black color variant, while the global preview will include the Pearl Beige colorway, to be released in Italy in 2025.  

CUCINAnD’O, devised by chef Davide Oldani in collaboration with Attila Veress, enters the ARAN Cucine catalogue and is part of a broader reflection that combines culinary art with sustainability.  

The square door with an “L” profile is the distinctive feature of Mira, the new Scavolini furnishing system available in combination with two types of recessed grip profile, Flat or Round. The stylistic research is also expressed in the side facing with the grip profile that characterizes the project. V3 is a tribute to the 85th anniversary of Vipp, a Danish specialist metalworking brand now in its third generation. The self-supporting modules are clad in natural anodized aluminum, with vertically extruded profiles that curve along the edges, conferring a subtle elegance on the metal-effect finish.  

Offering solutions designed for modularity, full black colors and new materials, in line with the trends of modern kitchens, at EuroCucina the new Whirlpool and Hotpoint brand cooking suite  will exhibit a new line of ovens, a new architecture of compact ovens and a new generation of induction hobs. 

The V68YYX4C0 induction cooktop from NEFF with built-in extractor hood is part of the Flex Design system, consisting of interchangeable elements - which can be installed without the help of a specialised technician - such as handles and side trim, available in 4 colours to be used on the oven, hood, cooktop, built-in coffee machine and Twist Pad Flex®, the magnetic ring that enables you to manage the cooktop. Neff is part of the BSH Home Appliances group.