Showers and Bathtubs

The design of bathroom spaces has evolved considerably over the years, developing from purely functional rooms into veritable shrines of relaxation and well-being. Among the furnishings that have played a fundamental role in this makeover are showers and bathtubs, which combine, functionality and aesthetics in a perfect union.  
The combination of innovative design, quality materials and versatile solutions makes it possible to create a modern bathroom, or at any rate one perfectly adapted to everyone’s needs and tastes, whether they are shower lovers or prefer a regenerating bath.

The modern shower

Choosing a modern shower for the bathroom means identifying a meeting point between practicality and style. Clean and minimalistlines are typical of these structures, which fit perfectly into the design of most bathrooms. Corner shower cabins, for example, make intelligent use of space, adapting to even the smallest angles.

But modernity is not limited to design alone. Modern showers also have innovative features in the materials used. Shower trays made of high-strength resins are easy to clean, as well as being pleasant to the touch and extremely durable over time. The choice of materials such as tempered glass for the walls guarantees greater safety while enhancing elegance.

Combined bathtub shower

For those who want to combine the best of both worlds, the bathtub with built-in shower is the ideal solution. Starting from versatility, these formulas offer the pleasure of enjoying a relaxing bath as well as the convenience of a quick shower. Even here, smaller bathrooms are just as desirable as larger ones: a small and compact bathtub, for example, can be combined with a built-in shower panel, so saving space and combining several functions in a single product.

Modern bathtubs

Traditional bathtubs have also evolved over time, embracing innovation and developing into more modern and cutting-edge products. In addition to the classic rectangular shapes, today there are bathtubs with sinuous lines and ergonomic forms, which adapt to the body and guarantee unparalleled comfort

Freestanding bathtub

The freestanding bathtub diverts bathroom style towards luxury and sophistication. These designer jewels, usually made from materials such as acrylic or enameled iron, become veritable furnishings capable of transforming the bathroom into a sort of personal spa.

Rectangular shower cabins

For those who love the feeling of space and freedom, the large shower cabin is the ideal choice. With transparent walls that let in natural light, these showers create an open and bright atmosphere in the bathroom. Rectangular shower cabins, thanks to their characteristic shape, adapt perfectly to the corners of the bathroom, making the most of every available centimeter.

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