Protect in Italy

Protect Industrial Property during TRADE FAIRS and EXHIBITIONS in ITALY

The institutional body responsible for the registration of Industrial Property rights in Italy is the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), a general directorate within the Italian Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy (MIMIT).

UIBM provides guidance, assistance and services to companies, attendees and the public during Italian exhibitions and trade fairs.

To this end, you can contact UIBM by writing an e-mail to: 

The relevant Italian legal source is the Industrial Property Code.

Register your DESIGNS and MODELS in Italy.

Protection of DESIGNS and MODELS occurs upon filing an application, which presupposes a strategic choice, answering the following questions: 

- WHY, i.e. the advantages of registering the DESIGN

- WHAT can be protected through registration, what is meant by novelty, disclosure and individual character; what cannot be registered. 

- HOW MUCH, i.e. the registration fees, the requirements and the financial incentives available.

- HOW and WHERE you can register, what is useful to consider, guidance on filling in the application and on online filing.

- AFTER, i.e. the registration administrative procedure at the Italian Office, what to do in case the application is rejected, how to maintain the IP right, how to register a change and how to register a design abroad.