178 cm built-in wine cooler

Collection: Universale

Category: Electrical appliances

Smeg 178 cm built in wine column

The new 178 cm wine column is the largest model in the collection: it can hold 83 bottles (up to 105 by removing the accessory drawer) in an elegant black glass column. The wine cooler has two independent temperature-controlled zones between 5 and 20 degrees. The ergonomic design of the corrugated base facilitates the positioning of the bottles, preventing possible damage or breakage. The wine cooler is equipped with a display rack where the accessories sought after by experts are stored, such as a drip stopper, pouring spout, corkscrew with champagne pliers and specific corks for red and white wines.

The 178 cm wine column can hold 83 bottles. It is equipped with two independent temperature-controlled zones and a display rack in which accessories for connoisseur storage are stored. 

The advanced technologies that the new Smeg wine coolers are equipped with make them not only functional appliances, but also distinctive decorative elements of a high-end kitchen. The electronic E-motion opening system automatically unlocks the door at the touch of the glass, making the opening operation easy even with bottles in hand. LED lighting on both sides of the wine cooler also allows perfect visibility on all shelves, highlighting the bottles stored there. 

178 cm built-in wine cooler