Utility room

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A room that‘s pleasant to work in and geared entirely to suit the user‘s behaviour. This is where form follows function and provides clever solutions covering all aspects of housekeeping.

Ever since the kitchen has opened up and increasingly become the hub of the home, there has been the question of what to do with the things you need every day but don‘t want to see? Often, smart city apartments or new homes don‘t have a basement any more. Added to this: do people really want to go down into the basement any more today to do the washing, iron or fetch food?

This gave us the idea of the multifunctional utility room. By this, we don‘t mean a storage room but a perfectly planned work area for washing, keeping provisions and other items, recycling and preparing things.


With these and numerous other features a Schüller utility room can make life easier:


- The Open shelf tall unit for washing machine and/or tumble dryer allows for washing machine and tumble dryer to be stacked inside the tall unit: this creates space even in the smallest room.


- The open shelf tall unit with hanging rail and laundry holder lets you store everything in a space-saving manner. The lower pull-out offers the possibility to dry small things and trousers. The metal shelf protects against moisture. 


- With the openings of the tall laundry sorting unit, laundry can be divided perfectly – according to degree or colour – and hidden behind the door.

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The utility room is available with our laminated Nova front. The durable front with high quality melamine resin coating can be chosen in seven different colors from Crystal white or Sand grey to Agate grey and Lava black.