Category: Kitchen furniture


Ecologically conscientious and combined with a range of vibrant colours, the pebble grey matt fronts with their anti-fingerprint surface give the room a friendly feel right through to the cosy dining recess. 

The environmentally friendly front material and interior fittings from OrganiQ join forces with the OceanIX handles to form a sustainable ensemble. The kitchen stands out visually with its front-flush soffits and the frame rack shelves with sliding door. Cooking utensils and food can be stylishly put away in the top unit featuring a roller-shutter in onyx black, while the corner shelf hides away kitchen appliances in the carcase. The mobile side table can be used to serve, act as a kitchen aid or for other purposes, after which it can be quickly collapsed and tucked away in the corner.


Matera fronts

The Matera and Matera Colour fronts are made from particle board featuring direct coating. They consist of 89% renewable primary materials and 71% wood from the circular economy and are 100% recyclable. The new fronts even have something to offer aesthetically: the matt surface is soft to the touch and easy to maintain thanks to its anti-fingerprint properties.



The special material OceanIX Plastic is obtained from old fishing nets, among other things, which are collected and then recycled into valuable plastic. The plastic waste is sourced in cooperation with NGOs, public authorities, collectors, ports, the maritime industry and fishermen, but also net and rope manufacturers worldwide. The handle thus offers a solution to the global waste problem in the oceans, prevents valuable raw materials from being lost and is a small, first step on the way to a sustainable circular economy.



Sustainable interior fittings – The drawer equipment OrganiQ in lava black is made from 78% CO2-absorbing natural fibres hemp and kenaf, which grow back quickly. Available in a wide variety of styles, they adapt to your individual kitchen utensil storage needs.